Helping great brands stay compliant

Create habits not audits

The best restaurants and takeaways weave compliance seamlessly into daily activities. Food safety becomes habitual, shared across all staff in all sites. 

Trail helps support the 3 pillars of a growing operation:

  • Consistency

    Create an operational blueprint that can be replicated and actioned across all sites, with complete visibility
  • Efficiency

    Do more with less as site visits are replaced with notifications and admin overheads go down
  • Compliance

    Stay on top of HACCP and GDPR by replacing lengthy paper audits with digital checklists and forms

Introducing Trail

The complete operational blueprint

  • Create tasks for your teams to follow
    From simple checklists to intelligent data capture, convert all your critical business actions into a simple list of tasks
  • Compliant with confidence
    Digital audit logs, comment threads and image uploads to prove to management and auditors that your team is up to date.
  • Advanced Scheduling
    One off and recurring tasks with flexible windows of time give you complete control over when your tasks are completed.
  • Focus attention where needed
    Reporting, notifications and analytics give you complete visibility across your business.

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