The best operations run on Trail

Actions not audits

Running great sites is about taking the right action at the right time. Trail gives you real-time visibility, so you always know how your business is performing without needing to do an audit.

Trail helps support the 3 pillars of a growing operation:

  • Consistency

    Create an operational blueprint that can be replicated and actioned across all sites, with complete visibility
  • Efficiency

    Do more with less. Reduce admin overheads and replace site visits with notifications and reports
  • Compliance

    Stay on top of HACCP and GDPR by replacing lengthy paper audits with digital checklists and forms

Introducing Trail

The complete operational blueprint

  • Create tasks for your teams to follow
    From simple checklists to intelligent data capture, convert all your critical business actions into a simple list of tasks
  • Compliant with confidence
    Digital audit logs, comment threads and image uploads to prove to management and auditors that your team is up to date.
  • Advanced Scheduling
    One off and recurring tasks with flexible windows of time give you complete control over when your tasks are completed.
  • Focus attention where needed
    Reporting, notifications and analytics give you complete visibility across your business.

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