• 648 hours of audits per annum

  • £150 saved on maintenance call outs per site/month

  • 10% reduction in Head Office overheads associated with scale


In 2017, Tossed underwent a total operational overhaul - successfully going paperless.  The results were increased efficiency, profitability and double-digit like-for-likes. This fast-growing chain installed cashless tills for customers, and Trail for their teams to guide staff through their days with effortless, daily actions.

Trail offers so much more than just checklists. Tossed have taken all their full range of operational standards digital, encompassing logging all Food Safety checks, as well as more specific site tasks.  Every action is timestamped and stored safely in the cloud.  Proving due diligence is now easy for teams.  Vincent, their "top tosser" can also rest easy as he knows he's ticked every box for EHO inspectors.

Trail's intuitive app is perfect for a growing chain;  Operations staff can manage more sites, with a birds-eye, real-time view of activity from a single dashboard.  At team-level, both seasoned staff and new-starters took to our easy-to-use app straight away.

Trail has enabled the young and hugely successful, Tossed to scale easier and faster, by making their business as lean and mean as their smoothies. 

 Trail helped us get rid of paperwork, gave me visibility across a growing business, and helped all of our teams hit the same high standard

Vincent McKevitt
Founder of Tossed

Trail allows managers to get on with what they should be doing - talking to our customers and driving sales!

Philip Eeles
Co-founder and Operations Director

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Trail helps the industry move forward

Kathryn Emmett
Sustainability & Compliance Manager

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